Mina Benson Hubbard
Canadian Explorer of Labrador

Note: Images of Leonidas Hubbard’s Expedition Follow those of Mina Hubbard’s Expedition

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Mina 1_web
34-Year Old Mina Benson Hubbard During Her 1905 Expedition Through Labrador

Sketch of Mina Benson in Her Early Years

Mina Benson Grew Up in Hamilton Township, Northumberland County, Ontario. She Attended High School in the Town of Cobourg.

Nurse Mina Benson in 1900

Mina Embarking June 27 1905_web
Mina Benson Hubbard Embarking on Labrador Expedition - June 1905

Near the Village of North West River, Labrador

George Elson During Mina Benson Hubbard’s 1905 Expedition

Mina’s Photograph of Seal Lake, Taken on July 16, 1905. The Rocks on top of the Boulder in the Foreground were Arranged by Mina and George Elson

Mina with Nascaupee Women

The Nascaupee Chief and Men

Two Pages from Mina’s Expedition Diary

The George River in Quebec

Gilbert Blake, One of Mina Benson Hubbard’s Guides

Mina’s Arrival at Ungava Bay

Wedding Day for Mina and Harold Ellis - September 14, 1908

Brochure Advertising a Lecture by Mina in 1938

Leonidas Hubbard

Leonidas Hubbard

The Shawangunk Mountain Ridge in New York State. In November 1901, During a Camping Trip There in November 1901, Leonidas Hubbard First Mentioned the Idea to Dillon Wallace About Exploring Labrador.

Battle Harbour, Labrador

Leonidas Hubbard Shortly Before Departing the Village of North West River, Labrador

Dillon Wallace at Beginning of the 1903 Expedition With Leonidas Hubbard and George Elson (Photo by Leonidas Hubbard)

George Elson and Dillon Wallace Somewhere in Labrador (Photo by Leonidas Hubbard)

George Elson and Dillon Wallace Lost on the Susan River (Photo by Leonidas Hubbard)

Dillon Wallace and George Elson Somewhere in Labrador (Photo by Leonidas Hubbard)

Leonidas Hubbard (foreground) and George Elson, Shortly Before Elson and Wallace Left For Help. When Help Arrived, Leonidas Was Found Dead Here

New York Times Article Announcing Death of Leonidas Hubbard