Fan Jinshi
Chinese Explorer of the Dunhuang Mogao Caves

Fan Jinshi

Location of Dunhuang, China

Dunhuang and the Silk Road (in blue); the Great Wall of China is Shown in Red

The Taklamakan Desert from Space

The Taklamakan Desert

Dunhuang Mogao Caves

Dunhuang Mogao Caves

Former Residential/Meditation Caves

Sculptures from Mogao Cave 328 (ca. 700 AD)

Interior of Cave 428 (ca. 570 AD)

Ceiling of Cave 428 (ca. 570 AD)

A "Guarding Warrior" Sculpture in Cave 55 (ca. 970 AD)

Sculpture of the Buddha in Cave 259 (5th Century AD)

Silk Embroidery in Library Cave (11th Century AD)

Interior of Cave 55 (ca. 1000 AD)

Pages from the 9th Century Diamond Sutra, the Oldest Known Dated Printed Book in the World; the Left Sheet is the Frontispiece; the Right (larger) Sheet is the First Section of the Book

Pile of Ancient Scrolls Found in Library Cave by Aurel Stein (1907)

Archaeologist Paul Pelliot Examining Manuscripts in Library Cave

Fragment from a Manuscript Copy of the Lotus Sutra, a Central Text of Mahayana Buddhism (Gold Lettering on Deep Blue Paper)

The Complete Dunhuang Star Atlas

Close-Up of North Circumpolar Region Map from the Dunhuang Star Map Atlas (ca. 700 AD). The Dunhuang Star Map Atlas is the World's Oldest Complete Preserved Star Atlas

The Bowman and North Circumpolar Region Maps from the Dunhuang Star Atlas

Maps 1 - 3 of the Dunhuang Star Atlas

Maps 4 - 6 of the Dunhuang Star Atlas

Maps 7 - 9 of the Dunhuang Star Atlas

Maps 10 - 12 of the Dunhuang Star Atlas

Almanac Dated 877 Showing the Animals of the Chinese "Zodiac"; a Feng Shui, or Geomantic Diagram; and a Lucky Charm

Buddhist Sutra in Chinese with Commentary in Red in Tibetan (from Cave 17)

A 15-Meter-Long Sleeping Buddha in Cave 158 (ca. 800 AD)

Close-Up of Sleeping Buddha in Cave 158

Bilingual Manuscript with a Buddhist Sutra in Chinese on One Side and a Rare Copy of the Tibetan Annals on the Other

Mural of Bodhisattvas

Section of Mural in Cave 156 Commemorating Victory of Zhang Yichao over the Tibetans


Fan Jinshi in October, 2011

Fan Jinshi